Meet Stacy

Stacy Haberstroh is the owner and founder of Senior Insurance Concepts. She is a licensed Insurance Broker and a past member of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Manager. Stacy has assisted thousands of seniors and their families as they transitioned into Medicare. She regularly speaks on topic of aging and healthcare choices, and has assisted other professionals and seniors in the area for more than 14 years. She obtained her M.S. from Western Illinois University and B.S. from Missouri State University. Stacy brings clients hands-on experience as both an industry executive and individual consultant. She is currently working on assisting clients with their Yearly Medicare Review for the 2016 Open Enrollment period, as well as educating those clients getting ready to turn 65 and enter into Medicare for the first time.

About Us

The mission of Senior Insurance Concepts is to increase the understanding of how Medicare healthcare operates. Medicare advises seniors to review their plans annually to make sure they are still meeting their needs. We comply Senior Insurance Concepts complies wit all federal regulations by certifying each year to offer new plans and prescription drug coverage choices. Senior Insurance Concepts provides individual consultations on how the Medicare Healthcare system works as well as completes a Yearly Medicare review. This personalized service is the best way to review Medicare options and make wise healthcare choices. Our clients and families will benefit from the information when making future healthcare decisions. Stacy Haberstroh speaks the Medicare language.