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Making Healthcare Choices

Discover a Medicare Plan That meets your Individual Healthcare needs.


What are your Health needs and priorities?


When choosing Medicare coverage, it's important to consider your needs and your budget. The questions below will help you start to identify your needs and priorities:


  • Are you looking for a preferred doctor, hospital or clinic?

  • Are benefits like vision, hearing, or dental important to you?

  • Is worldwide emergency coverage important?

  • Do you have wellness goals you want to achieve?

  • Do you take prescription drugs?

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As a member of a Medicare Advantage plan, you get more than the Original Medicare. You get a total health plan experience focused on your need:


They offer a variety of plan options.


The plans offer care coordination and services with added convenience and potential cost savings.


Predictable co-pays and out-of-pocket maximums offer peace of mind.

Customer Service:

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Medicare Supplements Insurance

Private health insurance that is designed to supplement Medicare. This means that it helps pay some of the health care cost that original Medicare does not cover, for a monthly premium.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Health plan options that are approved by Medicare but run by private companies. Our plan provides all of your Part A (hospital), Part B (medical) and Part D (prescription drug) coverage for as low as $0 monthly premium.


Final Expense and Life Insurance Plans

Give yourself and your family a lasting gift - peace of mind. Although thinking about your final expenses may be difficult, making arrangements to cover those expenses is not. Our insurance plans offer an uncomplicated way to provide for your final expense needs.

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